What to Eat When Pregnant, Without Judgement

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A healthier and more comfortable pregnancy just got easier.

Knowing what to eat during pregnancy can seem very complicated. Too many books focus on how many milligrams of this nutrient, and so many IUs of that one. Counting calories and nutrient amounts takes too much time! So, we converted prenatal nutrition recommendations into 11 Simple Guidelines that make knowing what to eat every day easy, while ensuring that your baby gets what he or she needs.

While other books focus on what not to eat when pregnant and can make some women feel guilty for eating anything tasty, this ebook tells the risks and benefits of different foods, and lets you decide what is best for you. Each section contains practical tips on how to incorporate the changes you want into your daily habits.

Use the Pocket Pregnancy Guide: What to Eat When Pregnant as a handy reference you can use on your mobile device at need, or use our convenient 8 week plan listed in the booklet (email reminder list coming soon) to help you make the essential diet changes comfortably.

Good pregnancy nutrition helps reduce your risk for complications and gives you and your baby better health, possibly for a lifetime. In the short term, it can help you feel better by reducing many pregnancy discomforts and helping you have more energy. Over the long term, the improved health that comes from eating well can save money and give you the freedom to do more of the things you love.

What’s in the book:

  • What to eat when pregnant, in 11 Simple Guidelines
  • Deciding how strict to be, and when to give yourself a treat
  • 8 weeks of recommended essential action steps
  • Downloadable diet tracker
  • A guided activity to help you find your motivation
  • How to choose quality prenatal supplements
  • Avoiding dangerous substances
  • Having a healthy home
  • Cleaning your air
  • Healthy answers to food cravings
  • Healthy weight gain, without watching the scale
  • Sample menus & meal ideas
  • How to adapt pregnancy nutrition for vegetarians and other special diets
  • Tips for dining out
  • Quick reference guides

The Pocket Pregnancy Guide: What to Eat When Pregnant is the first in a series of Pocket Pregnancy books to help empower you in having a more comfortable pregnancy, easier birth, and healthier baby. Pocket Pregnancy™ guides couples on the ROADS of Healthy Pregnancy. These 5 essential elements of Relaxation, Options, Activity, Diet, and Support (ROADS). Have the best pregnancy for YOU and your baby, with everything you need right in your pocket.

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