Each Pocket Pregnancy® ebook (except the full system) is created with short, easy-to-understand entries focused on a single type of information to help you find the info you need right away, without needing to wade through a large text. All of the resources in the Pocket Pregnancy system use the ROADS of healthy pregnancy to help you be more likely to be healthy, give your baby the best starts, and have the birth you want. Connect with us to reserve your copy now, or to get on the list to be notified when the next ebook is available.

Pocket Pregnancy® Ebooks and More:

Pocket Pregnancy® Guide to What to Do When Pregnant – Free Edition
This short, introductory ebook gives an overview of what to do when you are pregnant based on the pregnancy ROADS : Relaxation, Options, Activity, Diet, and Support. Download the free PDF healthy pregnancy booklet here or download as an epub or other ebook format here.



Pocket Pregnancy Guide: What to Eat When Pregnant
What should you eat, and not eat, during pregnancy for your baby’s health, and to help lower your risk of complications? In What to Eat When Pregnant, you can learn 11 simple nutrition guidelines, and go in-depth – if you want – on how to make changes to what you eat, and what you put on and into your body in other ways, so you can have the best possible pregnancy. Covers nutrition, eating out, household products, and more. Available Now. Read more about What to Eat When Pregnant, or download the ebook.


Pocket Pregnancy Guide: Feeling Great While Pregnant
Morning sickness and backache and swelling, oh my! You can feel great while pregnant. This book shows you how to naturally prevent, reduce or remedy over 50 common pregnancy symptoms, discomforts, and complications, and tells when medical attention is needed.



Pocket Pregnancy Guide: Understanding Prenatal, Labor and Newborn Procedures
An ebook exploring the many tests and procedures for pregnant women and their babies, before, during and after birth. Discusses the options available and prevention for the condition needing the test when relevant.


Pocket Pregnancy Guide: How to Pamper a Pregnant Woman
This booklet focuses on relaxation and stress reduction, the R in ROADS™ to a healthy pregnancy. How to Pamper a Pregnant Woman gives simple instructions for mom’s partner or another support person (or mom herself!) in how to help mom relax, how to support the changes she is experiencing during pregnancy, and help reduce her stress. Available in 2015.


TeacherStarterKit-200x157Pocket Pregnancy™ Making Essential Prenatal Nutrition Easy—Educator’s Starter Kit
Want your expectant moms to eat better, but can’t spare much time in class? Make it easy! This kit for childbirth educators, doulas, and other childbirth professionals shows you how to break down the essentials of good prenatal nutrition into easy-to-follow guidelines without complicated numbers or counting. Includes an Educator’s Guide with reprintable handouts and concise teaching nuggets and games, a copy of Feeling Great While Pregnant for Reference, 12 copies of What to Eat When Pregnant for your students, and 12 simple, 3-month diet trackers for students.

Pocket Pregnancy™ Making Essential Prenatal Nutrition Easy—Educator’s Refill Kit
This is a refill set for your students: 12 copies of What to Eat When Pregnant, and 12 of our simple, 3-month diet trackers.

The Pocket Pregnancy Guide for Moms-to-Be
A guide to walk you through many of the decisions to be made and things to do while pregnant, showing you How to Have a Baby Without Having a Cow.

Pocket Pregnancy Guide for Dads-to-Be
More information coming soon!

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