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There are many posts, articles and freebies all over my website (and even more on, but some of them might be hard to find. So I made this index of all the free downloads I have posted. Some you can just download and print, others will “cost” you your email address (though that email address will also give you great additional tips and content periodically). All are great complementing resources for my Pocket Pregnancy ebooks and Confident Pregnancy online classes, but you are welcome to use them without making a purchase.

All rights are reserved for all of our tools. If you have a question about what constitutes legal use of these free tools, please contact us.

Free Healthy Pregnancy Tips – Downloadable

No email address needed for these freebies.

Free Ebook: Pocket Pregnancy Guide to What to Do When Pregnant – Free Edition

This free PDF gives an introduction to the ROADS of healthy pregnancy, and a few practical action steps in each category to help you feel great and be more confident.


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Free Printable Prenatal Diet/Nutrition Trackers

***** Our Simplest Tracker!! ***** Prenatal Nutrition Tracker (checkboxes only) – Our simplest diet tracker fits one week of tracking on 2 sides of a single page. For helping you get essential nutrition with the smallest amount of effort.

Prenatal Nutrition Tracker (with space to track protein and write down foods) – simple, 2-page (2-sided pages) printing. Print all 4 pages as a 2-sided/duplex document. Use a set of 2 pages per week.


Nutrition Handouts and More

Please click here for printable nutrition handouts and other resources for educators.